Olde Tymes was started in 2005 to accommodate my growing interest in clockmaking and its accompanying challenges. "Tinkering" with clocks just wasn't satisfying enough for me. I desired the challenge associated with advanced repairs and satisfying customers as, for me, that is the ultimate measure of success.

Thus, my journey began with several years of study and practice under the tutelage of Master Clockmaker David J. LaBounty, CMC & FBHI. My studies with Mr. LaBounty covered all aspects of clock restoration and repair and culminated with my earning AWCI's CC21 Clockmaker Certification in 2013. I continued my studies with masters Jerry Keifffer and Werner Paul. Jerry  is a reknown master micro-machinist who teaches horological micro-maching at NAWCC. I am also fortunate to have Werner Paul nearby. He is a long-time master micro-machinist and clockmaker/watchmaker who taught me the finer points of clockmaking, wheelcutting and micro-machining. These studies were complemented by classes on horological micro-machining at NAWCC. At the present time, I am the only CC21 in New York State and one of eleven in the United States to hold the Certified Clockmaker Twenty First Century designation. 

My interest, studies and practice of all things horological have continued to grow until now I am restoring and repairing Antique & Vintage American Pocket Watches and their Cases. Again, this interest was complemented by several NAWCC pocket watch repair classes that were taught by AWCI CW21 Watchmakers. 

With horological restoration and repairs, there is always something new to learn...it never gets old. The "been there, done that" syndrome just doesn't apply to mastering clock and pocket watch restoration and repair and that is just fine with me! My customers and fellow clockmakers benefit from my continued interest and learning. To that end, I have authored several articles  on advanced clock repair topics. There are links to these articles on this page.

Finally, in my continued quest to learn and improve, I maintain professional memberships in the world's preeminent horological organizations. These links are listed below.

You can entrust your restoration and repair needs to me!
David M. Morrow, CC21
AWCI Twenty First Century Certified Clockmaker


Levers and Escapements

Repivoting and Burnishing of Pivots

Replacing Wheel Teeth


Introduction to Horological Wheelcutting - Modern Means & Methods

Section 1: Cutting Train Wheels

Section 2: Cutting Escape Wheels

Section 3: Cutting Ratchet Wheels

Section 4: Replacing Mainspring Teeth & Cutting Radial Slots in Train Wheels

Section 5: Spoking, Conclusion & Bibliography