Excessive solder on the hammer assembly block and its hammer rod broken off on a Vienna Regulator taken in on repair.

Excessive solder was removed, hammer assembly block cleaned up and its hole tapped to receive a new hammer rod. All is ready to strike again. 

Before and After Pics

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So...here is a start on some "Before and After" pictures of clocks and pocket watches taken in for repair to demonstrate their conditions and my abilities to remedy. More to follow...

Swiss "Hebdomas" Car Clock c. 1925. Not only did the movement require sevicing, but its hands and numerals had long lost their luminious paint. 

While the movement was being serviced, the luminious hands and numerals were restored back to their original condition by one of my small network of specialists

12s Elgin c. 1926 before cleaning. After many years of use and adverse conditions, it is common to have dirt and old oil embedded into the plates and bearing holes. Many times this is the cause for not running. 

Here is the 12s Elgin cleaned up and ready for final assembly and testing.  

18s Elgin c. 1903 also with dirt and old oil embedded into the plates and bearing holes. Not Good!

The 18s Elgin is now all cleaned up and ready for final assembly and testing. 

Do you see all those dark specs on the white paper? That is dirt found inside the pendant of the case. I was unable to wind this pocket watch until after i had removed the crown, stem and sleeve from the pendant and cleaned and lubricated all the parts. 

10s Hamiliton 917 c. 1956 before restoration.  It had experienced a hard life in a hot, sweaty work environment. The dial was nearly worn away from use and moisture.  On the inside, there were  numerous  parts with surface rust.  The Family wanted Dad's old watch to be restored!

10s Hamilton 917 after restoration.  The Family was very happy with the results! This is an example of how  your old pocket watch could be transformed.