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Dave's Continuing Education Classes

Why should you care? For many reasons, most of the time one is seeking a clock repairer for the first time. And along with that are those first time "jitters"...the procrastination and those first time thoughts. "Who should I call"? "Will they do a good job"? "Will they be fair"? "How much will they charge"? Will they give me top quality work for the price? Will they go that extra mile for me - put in that extra effort on detail?

This is why you should care! AWCI's Certification Program exists to provide the customer with the assurance that the Certified Clockmaker is indeed capable of handling your clock with the professionalism, knowledge and skill necessary to meet your expectations. AWCI's Certification means that a watch or clock repair specialist has proven to a board of professionals that they have the skills required to perform quality repairs. Click on this link for a more in-depth read on AWCI's Clock Certification process.  

 And, I go two steps further. First, I provide you a reliable reference for repair costs (see my "Repair Costs" page) and Second, I provide you with a Full One Year Warranty (parts and labor) on all Complete Movement Servicings, Restoration Work and New Replacement Movements. I go the extra mile to inform and satisfy my customers!

After five+ years of study and practice with one of the top masters in the United States (David J. LaBounty, CMC, FBHI), in February 2013 I earned my AWCI certification and achieved the title of AWCI Certified Clockmaker 21 and I've continued my personal development with a number of continuing education classes. At the present time, I am the only CC21 in New York State  and one of eleven in the United States to hold the Certified Clockmaker Twenty First Century designation. 

So stop procrastinating and contact me at 518-843-5809 or send me an email: 

I look forward to servicing your clock and pocket watch restoration and repair needs!

David M. Morrow, CC21
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute

Dave's Continuing Education Classes