I specialize in the repair of all mechanical clock movements and service all types of antique and modern clocks including
Grandfather - Grandmother - Mantel & Wall Clocks - Cuckoo Clocks - 400 Day Anniversary Clocks - Carriage Clocks with their delicate platform escapements - Wooden Works Clocks with their unique repairs and specialized cleaning techniques - Electric Clocks even though manufacturers have long stopped making their motors! And last, but by no means least  -  Battery/Quartz Clocks. I enjoy working on all of them and most of all I enjoy bringing them back to life. 

Because of their perceived level of difficulty, many repairers shy away from cuckoo clocks and 400 Day Anniversary Clocks. I, instead, have certified on both these types of clocks and welcome them into my shop!

In those instances where your clock is either missing a part or a part is damaged beyond repair, I  also provide professional, quality restoration services to make the replacement part that will bring your family heirloom back to life...back to the way it was originally!

Complete Movement Servicings, Restoration Work and New Replacement Movements Come With A Full One Year Parts & Labor Warranty!

Clock Restorations and Repair

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