Micro-Machining To Your Specifications

The equipment, skill set and raw materials necessary for horological machining lends themselves nicely to the manufacture of micro parts and mechanical instrument repair. If you find yourself with such a need or have a one-off part needed in metal or even plastic (Delrin plastic is a very nice material for prototypes), contact me for an estimate. 
My Myford S7 bench lathe with its 7" swing and high accuracy is ideal for the manufacture of larger precision parts and tools.
My vintage Levin watchmakers lathe is a high precision machine tool. Excellent for repivoting arbors to replace broken or worn pivots but also for boring precise, micro holes and many other similar tasks. 
Mainspring barrel ready to receive new teeth was machined on my Sherline precision micro-mill. 
My shop has the most modern micro machine tools made today from Sherline. Here is my micro milling machine and lathe that can accurately produce to .0005"and I'm proud to say these machines are made in the U.S.A.  
I grind all my own cutting tools and can grind a special shape for you. Here is a right hand facing lathe cutting tool setup to remove a train wheel from its collet and arbor. 
My CNC Rotary Table is excellent for indexing wheels but also for complex machining setups.